Lake Rules

Fishing Rules

Please be aware that the rules we have in place on the Lake are for the future benefit of the angler, the fish and the fishery.

This lake is managed by carp anglers and the implementation of the above rules is considered crucial for the long term good of firstly the fish and the fishery itself.

A bailiff will be available 24/7 on the lake, to deal with any issues and for the safety of all our anglers. A contact number will be given on arrival.

In the event of any clarification being required by any angler on the complex in relation to any of the rules detailed above please speak to your bailiff – before casting out!

Bait boats are the only type to be used on the lake. Rowing boats are forbidden and only to be used by the Bailiff, if required in an emergency or for maintenance.

Fishing Rod Limit

Regardless of the species you are fishing for, a maximum of 3 rods only is applied at all times, including nights and remote swims.

Fishing Tackle

  • No braided fishing line is permitted – mono only.
  • No leaders or leadcore are allowed in whatever form.
  • 15lb minimum breaking strain main line.
  • The only exception for braid being used on the complex is on a marker or spom/spod rod.
  • For the well being of the carp, no retained sacking allowed.
  • If you need time to organise yourself to photograph a fish, please use your landing net to keep the fish in the water, whilst you get yourself sorted.
  • It is advised to use a SPOMB for baiting your spots effectively.
  • No wire or metal bore coated rig tubing
  • Terminal and End  Tackle
  • Only nets supplied from Chestnut Lakes are to be used (provided).
  • Hooks – Barbless Micro barb only.
  • Ensure that your end tackle is safe and cannot tether fish in the event of the main line parting
  • Only landing nets provided by Chestnut Lakes are to be used on the lake, omitting diseases.
  • Do not litter in any part of our site, or neighbouring areas. Bins are provided and there are also ashtrays for cigarette butts on all pegs.
  • Cigarettes also represent a fire hazard so please dispose of properly and safely.


  • All forms of Tigernuts are prohibited.
  • Shelf life baits are prohibited.
  • Due to EU legislation the transporting of bait is strictly prohibited for travelling over to France. We have wide range of bait available from Pellets/Boileys/particles that can be purchased at the lake. See Bait for more details.
  • Bait Boating is allowed along and supplied also. See tackle for more details.
  • A Rowing boat is situated around the complex, these are only to be manned by bailiff

A Rowing boat is situated around the complex, these are only to be manned by bailiff. For your safety and the safety of those around you, swimming in any of the lakes is strictly prohibited.